Case Study

How We Focused on Brand Awareness & Sales and Increased Conversions by Nearly 80% for Our Logistics Client

Shipping Insurance Service, Logistics
Company Size
Business Goal
Improve brand awareness/product education and drive sales
Marketing Strategy
Paid search, SEO, content marketing, email marketing

Supercharging Digital Performance

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Authority score
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New users to their website
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The Challenge.

For our client in the shipping insurance industry, our main challenge was educating consumers on the need for the product and how what our client provided will help them. They were unsure about the extra cost, so we had to break down this complex service into simple, easy-to-understand benefits. For this client, we focused on SEO, content, email marketing, and paid search ads.

The Strategy.

For this client, we implemented a full-funnel approach that included PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. As a B2B business, we needed to make sure our client was visible and had a high-ranking, authoritative website and content strategy.
The strategy with our ads was to inform and educate the consumer of the benefits of utilizing shipping insurance, and the low costs and simplicity our client can provide.
In order to boost site traffic, we first focused on technical fixes to make sure the site was running smoothly.From there, we worked with the content team on blog optimizations and on-site updates and optimizations. We also focused on link building for it
Content Marketing
we used targeted blogs to attract quality leads
Email Marketing
Another way we drove more traffic to our client’s site is through two email newsletters a month.

The Results.

As a result of our efforts, we saw:
  • +20.83% authority score
  • +5.42% ranking keywords
  • +160% new users to their website
  • +149% page sessions
  • +77.78% conversions

How We Turn Data Into Business Growth


New users to their website
Page sessions
Ranking keywords

We have been pleased with the performance we’ve seen thanks to smartboost and have brought other business their way because of our great experience.

Benjamin Meskin, CPU, CLU

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