A Customized Approach For Every Client.

When we work with clients, we create a partnership centered around their goals. Each marketing strategy is different and we adapt it for you.

Intelligence Connected

Our Onboarding Process

1. Research

The first step is to research your company and marketing opportunities.

2. Discovery

Next, we have a discovery call to discuss your needs and goals.

3. Competitive Analysis

Next, we look at your competitors to identify opportunities for your brand.

4. Custom Strategy

Together, we build a custom strategy that not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

5. Launch

When we launch your campaigns, we do it intelligently and draw on our machine learning algorithms to make them as efficient as possible.

6. Optimize

Every quarter we evaluate all of our work on your account and take the necessary steps to ensure your marketing efforts are optimized for the best performance possible. We never stop working on your plan!


Your Marketing Team

With smartboost, you get a full dedicated team of marketers working for you.

Account Manager

The account manager oversees communication and project statuses.

SEO Manager

Your SEO manager is constantly evaluating ways to help you rank.

PPC Manager

Your PPC manager adjusts campaigns as needed and regularly reports back on their performance.

Content Manager

Your Content manager is always thinking of new, creative ideas for your brand and working on high-quality content tailored to you.

When You Grow, We Grow

We view our clients as our marketing partners and regularly communicate with you about your goals and strategies. We tie together a complete marketing plan to help your business grow.

Let’s Work Together