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The Planet Group is a global, professional services organization focused on providing top talent and niche consulting services to Fortune 500 clients. Built to address the professional services needs of leading companies in the life sciences, energy & engineering, healthcare, information technology, and digital marketing industries, The Plant Group expertly strengthens employer-employee dynamics by personalizing the recruitment process.

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The Challenge

Being a quickly growing, global brand created a unique set of challenges for The Planet Group. A company with massive expansion plans, we were tasked with creating a new brand identity to unify all of their recently acquired companies. Our work on the website would lay the groundwork for the reimagined brand position including refreshed logos, colors, and design styles. Doing an audit of website analytics also caused us to discover that the site traffic wasn’t matching up with site performance – user engagement was low, as was the number of returning visitors, and having their CRM improperly integrated with Bullhorn wasn’t doing them any favors. There was something missing for people who came to the site, and it was up to us to figure out how to fix it.

Our Tactics

We started off with the backend to fix issues with the Bullhorn integration. We wanted to make sure that capturing and tracking customer data was seamless. Meanwhile, we got to work in developing the invigorated brand identity. Through research and testing, we were able to craft detailed audience personas to gain an understanding of not just who was visiting the site but the why behind it. Once we were able to understand the user behavior, we incorporated the new brand identity into the UI/UX of the site. We made sure to align the subdivisions and consulting company’s pages with The Planet Group’s website by creating a smooth transition and experience for users by seamlessly redirecting them to the six other websites. We also implemented location-based jobs so content could be further tailored and targeted to visitors’ specific demographics.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Animated Content
  • Bullhorn Integration
  • Web Development




The Typography

.css {
font-family: BebasNeue;
font-family: HelveticaNeue;

Project Management

Who Was Involved?


Bob’s role in this project was front-end developer and UX/UI designer. He started by designing prototypes for the site based on the brand identity strategy. Then, he built out the front end of the website to engage visitors.


Karan’s role here was as a full-stack developer. He made sure that everything behind-the-scenes was working seamlessly and that all the files were properly stored in the database and server.


Eric’s role was the Project Manager. He was the point of communication between the client and the team. His organization and timelines made sure that we hit all our deadlines.


Project Duration: 9 weeks

Amount of Hours: 145

Project Size: $$$


Through innovative UX/UI and design, reinvigorated content, and eye-catching imagery, we strategically and successfully repositioned The Planet Group brand. With the new and improved website, the bounce rate decreased by 29%, the exit rate decreased by 34% and the pages per session increased from 2.6 to 3.4, all in a span of just 30 days. We also supercharged the speed of the site to create a better experience for visitors – the page load speed clocked in at just 2.9s after our upgrades.

38 %
Bounce Rate
43 %
Pages per session
25 %
Time on Page
18 %
Takes 2 min

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