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How we boosted organic traffic by 588% in 12 months

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Increase Organic Traffic + Leads
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Data-Driven Marketing + Machine Learning
ai technology that boosted organic traffic

Supercharging Digital Performance

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The Challenge.

The biggest hurdle for one of our shipping logistics clients was their poorly designed website. It had minimal relevant content and an outdated interface that didn’t reflect well on a company that relies on technology performance. We also were presented with high-performing content that was misaligned with the customer base. They featured a number of articles that focused on shipping insurance (which our client did not offer) and additional blogs that were targeted towards B2C customers when the company provides B2B services.

The Strategy.

First, we tackled the poor website design by building a brand new homepage based on users’ and customers’ data. We also updated the formatting and content on the high-traffic service pages which immediately led to improved keyword rankings and conversion rates. For all other services, we bypassed the website by designing highly-optimized landing pages that were tailored to specific keywords and customer needs. When it came to the misaligned content, we re-optimized the blogs but were careful not to lose the significant traffic volume that we had achieved. We added customized CTAs to each blog to drive customers to the services that were perfectly coordinated with the blogs and keywords.
The practice of optimizing a website in order to appear higher on a search engine’s natural or organic rankings.
Content Marketing
A form of digital marketing in which we create and distribute high-quality content that is unique, relevant, and valuable to a specific target audience.
We run successful search and display ads campaigns. Our pay per click management is comprised of predictive modeling and data.
A system used to organically increase the percentage of website visitors who will take a specific action; ultimately increasing leads or conversion rates.

The Results.

We increased the number of organic traffic by 588%, monthly users went up from 5,800 to 31,227 in 12 months. The number of top 3 keywords increased from 37 to 258, the number of first page keywords increased from 496 to 1,103, and finally the number of total keywords skyrocketed from 6,997 to 19,554 in 12 months. Backlink Profile: Increased the number of backlinks from 2,099 to 5,327 in 12 months Leads: Increased the number of monthly Marketing Qualified Leads from 15 to 36 and the number of Sales Qualified Leads from 13 to 31 in 12 months.

How We Turn Data Into Business Growth

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Graph with lead generation data MQL and SQL
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Website Traffic
Organic Traffic

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