How Our Creative Strategies Circumvented Strict Medical Guidelines Online

Growth Marketing Agency New Project 20

How Our Creative Strategies Circumvented Strict Medical Guidelines Online

Bariatric Surgery
Increase sales and website traffic
Content marketing, social media, SEO, PPC
Growth Marketing Agency New Project 20

Supercharging Digital Performance

99 %
Organic traffic
-98 %
Bounce rate
-81 %
3 %

The Challenge

The medical field (particularly in regards to surgical procedures) poses its share of challenges for SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.
For SEO, the medical field is extremely reliant on expertise, authoritativeness, and trust factors so simple keyword optimizations are not sufficient.
For paid search, surgical procedures present a number of limitations and ad copy is frequently disapproved, leading to paused ad groups and a loss of visibility.
Because of Facebook’s strict community standards surrounding weight loss topics, it became difficult to share blog content through the platform. We had to get creative and seek alternative platforms to help us drive traffic to the site.

The Strategy

Our SEO strategy was based around building the expertise and authoritativeness for our client by:

  • Increasing visibility on high authority medical websites
  • Generating and managing client reviews
  • Providing high-quality content on every page of the site

For our paid search strategy, we strictly managed the campaigns to guarantee that there was no lost visibility and we developed creative ad copy to ensure approval, generate a high quality score, and increase click through rates.

For our organic social outreach, we identified Pinterest as a suitable platform for our audience and created boards catered to our buyer personas. Thanks to Pinterest’s high volume of monthly weight loss, wellness, and health searches, we were able to target the bariatric surgery niche well by using weight loss-related keywords.


Onsite optimization for branded & non-branded keywords and offsite management to increase visibility.

Content Marketing

Closely monitored keywords, bid strategies, and landing page conversion rates for optimal performance

LinkedIn Ads

Creative visuals and storytelling to engage social audiences using data-driven personas


High-quality content designed to maximize quality traffic based off of diligent keyword research

The Results

As a result of our efforts:

  • Average weekly organic traffic increased from 134 users in January to 1,780 in July, an increase of 1,228%
  • The quality of the traffic improved, with the bounce rate dropping 98% during the same period
  • Paid search conversions increased from 5 in January to 19 in July, with the cost per conversion dropping from $400 to $76, a decrease of 81%
  • Click through rate increased from 1.41% to 4.87%, with quality score and ad relevance also increasing over the same period.
  • We saw 421,564 total Pinterest impressions, over 44,000 engagements, and 13,560 link clicks since November 2019

How We Turn Data Into Business Growth

Organic Search Aquisition
Landing Page Visibility
Link Building
Keyword Ranking



Organic traffic


Bounce rate

Circumventing medical restrictions for both paid and organic traffic is difficult, especially during this trying time, but smartboost came up with creative strategies to help us succeed.

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