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Powered by data science services that leverage Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning technologies, we craft custom models for each of our clients. It’s this scientific approach that allows us to comb through countless data sources, to uncover issues and strategize insightful data science solutions.

Our Data Science Services

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Why You Should Apply Data Science

Armed with diverse perspectives, knowledge, and experiences, our team of experts help businesses cut through the noise to mine precious data insights. Other data science consulting firms may promise to help build your brand, but smartboost delivers. We know exactly who your clients are and how to target them today, tomorrow and in the long term – all backed by data.
Predict your consumer’s behavior before they even know what they want themselves. We provide high-quality data analytics, track patterns, and mine insights to determine risks as well as opportunities for your business.
We bring strategies to life through data. Do you know what areas of your business are posed for growth? Our data scientists will evaluate your entire organization to identify areas of improvement and expansion.
The days of making blind business decisions are long gone. With Business intelligence (BI), we combine analytics, data mining, and data visualization with data tools and infrastructure, to help organizations to make more data-driven decisions.
Let our team of experts and engineers design and build custom pipelines that will transform and transport your data. These pipelines will compile data from many disparate sources into a single warehouse. By the time it reaches Data Scientists or other end users, it is in a highly usable state.
Our proprietary AI tools make understanding your customers easy. We’ll run a consumer behavior analysis and explore online users’ data to connect your brand to the right target audience, with the right message, at exactly the right time.

How We Work With Data

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We love Data Science because it has its hand in everything.

Data is everywhere and it is up to Data Scientists to extract innovative and actionable insights from big data.

Industries We Are Performing

The biotechnology industry is ruled by data. From predictive analytics and stream analytics to data preparation integration and visualization we are able to turn complex problems into data-driven growth opportunities.

Our data scientists work on user & customer behavior analysis and social media analytics to deliver a tailored pathway to success with inventive action steps. Our analysis includes personalized product recommendations, how to leverage predictive forecasting, determines consumer behavior and shopping patterns, improves customer experience, and prevents fraud.

Traditionally the transportation industry has made business assumptions rather than rigorously testing strategies against data. We help transportation companies predict tomorrow’s vision by unlocking their potential today. This includes using their data and databases to establish quantitative, empirical facts, and to validate and challenge their existing mathematical models.
Healthcare is constantly evolving, which is why we are using data to reinvent the industry for a brighter future. Big data has the potential to help physicians make informed decisions using real-time data from personalized treatments to preventive care. We implement data science in scheduling, staffing, research, clinical trials and any other predictive modeling.

A major challenge in the education industry is figuring out how to incorporate data from different sources to evaluate results. Big data and analytics can be used to measure teachers’ effectiveness & performance by comparing against subject matter, student numbers, student aspirations, student demographics, and many other important variables.

Data Science Technologies We Work With

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Better Insights, Smarter Decisions.

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Grow Your Business In a Smarter Way

Grow Your Business In a Smarter Way