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We built a platform for businesses to book hotels for their trip seamlessly



Project Details

About TurboRes

Born from the simple idea that corporate travel should be flexible, safe, and transparent, our mission is to provide the most comprehensive business travel solutions out there.

About Application

TurboRes needed a link management system so that its clients could book the rooms directly from the portal.
Plus laptop device

Technical specification

After looking deeply into TurboRes requirements, we started drafting the user flow and software architecture. Once all the modules have been covered, we started taking UX/UI, Security, Hosting, etc into consideration. After considering all the best compatible options, the team agreed to go with MySQL as a database. Apache Server was the very obvious choice in this case. We used PHP for the backend and Bootstrap for the frontend for two reasons: it was the most suitable candidate after taking our software architecture into consideration and it fit the cost of the project.
  • Codeignitor
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap

Our Process

Requirement Gathering
We had multiple sessions with the TurboRes team to understand their process at a granular level. Then, we documented all the requirements and any adjacent variables that might affect the flow of the software.
Analysis And UI/UX Design
Once the user flow of the application was confirmed, we started working on designing the UX/UI of the application. We analyzed the software’s performance at various stages and took notes on additional requirements. This analysis is very important to proceed to the next step.
Development and Testing
After we selected the best and most appropriate design, implementation started immediately. The team developed and implemented software according to the pre-defined specifications. The testing stage assesses the software for errors and documents bugs if there are any.
Deployment and maintenance
Once the application passed all the tests, we deployed it to the production environment so that the users could start using the platform. At times, software needs post-installation configuration on the user’s end and we took care of that, too.


The Colors

The Typography


Project Management

Who Was Involved?


JD’s role in this project was front-end developer and UX/UI designer. He was in charge of designing application prototypes, creating a UX strategy, and building out the front end on the web.


Karan’s role in this project was that of a back-end developer. He was in charge of designing application architecture, creating a database strategy, and building out the backend end of the application.


Eric’s role was the Project Manager. He was the point of communication between the client and the team, and made sure that we hit all our deadlines during every stage of the process.


Project Duration: 28 weeks
Amount of Hours: 1120
Project Size: $$$


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