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How We Improved a Site's User Experience to Increase Conversion Rate and Time on Page



Website Project Details

About Lancs Industries

Lancs has produced over 80% of the lead wool blankets used in United States nuclear power plants and U.S. Naval facilities today. They are one of the largest producers of flexible lead-free shielding products made from tungsten, bismuth, and iron. They carry a ready-to-ship inventory of standard products that include flexible shielding, lead wool blankets, glove bags, and sleeving.
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The Challenge

Our goal was to focus on brand recognition and global exposure. To do this, we needed to create English, French, and Japanese sites. We also needed to adapt their existing long-form content, optimize it for the new sites, organize it more clearly, and improve page speed.
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Our Tactics

Branding Website Redesign

The first step of this project was to develop our overall strategy. We had questions that needed to be addressed to be sure that we could design something effective. Who are the site’s users? How do they usually interact with websites? How can we be sure that this new site is usable? What kind of content is going to help these users get from the early stages of the conversion process to the end? To answer these questions, we collected psychological data from 3 different regions and used it for our UX/UI brainstorm. We created tabs and accordion features on the website to fit all the content without overwhelming the user. We also implemented javascript to load and unload content and increase page speed.
  • UX/UI Design
  • Interactive Videos
  • Multi-language
  • Web Development


The Colors

The Typography

.css { font-family: Barlow condensed; font-family: Barlow regular; }


The Colors


The Typography

.css { font-family: Barlow condensed; font-family: Barlow regular; }

Project Management

Who Was Involved?


JD was our front-end and backend developer. He started by designing 3 mockups, brainstormed with the team, and used this foundation to build all the websites.


Reilly’s role was to rewrite the content to target both SEO and the company’s buyer personas for all 3 regions. She implemented visual content, including videos and images, to target these customers.


Eric was the Project Manager. He was the communication point between the client and the team and made sure that we hit all our deadlines.


Project Duration: 24 weeks
Amount of Hours: 200
Project Size: $$$


We accomplished the goals we set out for this project, and then some. We increased page speed by 52% (from 15 seconds to 2.8 seconds). By improving the site’s UX design, we also increased conversion rates by 29% and time on page by 19%. Our conversion rate optimization strategies led to a 41% increase in conversions.
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