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Data Inspired Design

Turn Inspired Design Into an Audience Magnet

smartboost has cultivated a team with years of experience who’ve successfully launched hundreds of websites. Your website is the portal into your brand and is your virtual storefront for both prospects and customers.

At smartboost, we create custom websites and a personalized experience that exceeds expectations.

Web design services powered by data

Our Custom Website Design Services


Web Development



Our Successful Web Development Process

We implement a data-driven approach to make your user experience more engaging, more memorable, and more enjoyable to drive action. By gathering past and real-time data, we’re able to analyze how users are buying products, researching your company, requesting demos or inquiring about your services. We then optimize accordingly.
In all our web design projects, we are creating websites based on your business goals, audience personas, and consumer data to generate creative insights. Our designers and developers look at everything, from your site architecture, call to action, and mobile device engagement to your search engine optimization.
Every website or web application’s purpose is user interaction and engagement. Through our methodology, we are able to create a UX/UI strategy and visual style that is unique and connects you with your users. We also use past qualitative and quantitative data to build a custom website design tailored to your audience.
To create website messaging that resonates with your customer, you need to speak to their needs. That’s why it’s critical to identify your customers’ real anxieties and fears and provide a trusted solution with web copy and visual content. Creating virtual relationships with your users through content is key!
Our web developers can use different types of backend platforms, from WordPress CMS to a custom backend. Our web dev team are experts in PHP, Node.js, and Python. We make sure your website or application is secure and communicates perfectly with different APIs.
smartboost ensures that end users get a functional user interface and the best user experience when using your web app or website. We go through a meticulous analysis to uncover any flaws that might have been overlooked during design and development on desktop, tablet, and mobile. This includes requirement testing, design evaluation, and functionality testing.
We always make sure to launch new website projects when they are perfectly optimized for SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO). We also make sure all the tools are installed properly, including Google Analytics, Search Console, heat mapping, and A/B testing software to collect data for marketing purposes.
People ignore design that ignores people.

Design is intelligence made visible.

Industries We Are Transforming

Software companies need websites that attract the right audience and are visible with SEO tactics to outrank competitors.
We create custom-designed websites to help our tech clients stand out. We also use search engine optimization strategies to gain brand visibility.
An Ecommerce website should drive sales and further a brand’s identity. We do this through SEO-optimized product descriptions and user-friendly designs.
Whether you’re a B2B or B2C transportation company, your website should be backed by data to ensure you’re reaching the right audiences.
Recruiting websites are designed for both businesses and consumers. They need to be versatile and engaging.
With today’s changing landscape, healthcare companies need an evolving website that stays current and user-friendly. We use data to keep your strategy fresh.
In a competitive market, it’s even more important for our automotive clients to have a standout website. We work with you to develop buyer personas to target the right audiences.
Because the manufacturing industry has longer sales cycles, your website needs to act as a content hub and educational portal to attract the right customers.

Creative Features We Like To Implement

Programming Languages We Use

When it comes to web development, PHP is the most used server-side language. PHP is the core language for Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, and eCommerce platforms like Magento. Our dedicated team of web developers are experts in PHP and its native complementary languages. We have extensive experience with WordPress, Magento, and PHP frameworks like Laravel and Codeigniter and continue to develop our expertise with PHP.
For a web application that has I/O heavy workloads and is data-intensive, Node.js is the perfect environment. Its non-blocking I/O makes it lightweight, fast, scalable, and efficient for those types of applications. Considering the current demand for IoT systems, real-time chats, collaboration tools, and streaming apps, Node.js is one of the best solutions. We have Node.js experts that can help make your dream project a reality.
Originally designed to build dynamic web apps, AngularJS is commonly related to SPA. It is an open-source structural Javascript framework which has features like two-way binding, templating, RESTful API handling, modularization, AJAX handling, dependency injection, and more. It is simple to use and easy to learn, as its main advantage is removing redundancy. It takes little effort to develop expertise in AngularJS.
If there is one Javascript Library that has boomed a lot in the past decade, it’s React.js. It is the only open-source JavaScript library that’s used for building user interfaces for designing websites and mobile devices. React.js is fast, simple and can be used for bigger applications because of its scalable characteristics. These qualities make React.js a popular choice among our developers who use React.js intensively for suitable projects.
Python : For a data-driven digital marketing company like us, everything revolves around data and Python is not only a language which makes conducting data science operations easy but it is also used extensively for building custom web applications. Although we expertise in using Python Frameworks like Django and Flask, we use Python for developing websites from scratch as well especially for projects which are data-heavy and require scalability and security.
When it comes to picking a framework, ASP.NET is always an option.It is an open source server-side web application framework which allows our .NET developers to create dynamic web applications and web services. Our highly skilled ASP.NET developers with hands-on experience in C# can leverage various ASP.NET features such as caching to make faster websites. Its foundation and inbuilt design help the developer to make more secure applications in less time.

Grow Your Business In a Smarter Way

Grow Your Business In a Smarter Way